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Hi. Now when I say I'm fairly new to crossdressing, I mean I've only been actively dressing for a little over a year now. And in this time I have crossed two thresholds, first, accepting and liking myself as a crossdresser, and secondly, going out "dressed". My first taste of anything one might call a CD experience, was about 10 years ago at a "Pimp and Prostitute Party", this is a party where the guys dressup as gals and visa versa. My second was this past halloween. But my first real outing, and by this I mean, where I went out truly as myself, without the cover of a party or festival, was just last November (96). And it was really thrilling.

Now, whenever I feel like relaxing, which is quite often, I head for the closet and pic out a dress. For more read my Bio.

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