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"Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters...and let your soul delight itself in abundance."~Isaiah 55:1a...2b

Penwielder's Page

My name is Deborah, which makes me probably the billionth Deb on the web.

I am a mother of four...two boys, 18 & 16,
a little girl we adopted from Korea a little over 9 years ago and a 3 year daughter,
who has an undiagnosed genetic disorder and is the light of our existence.

I've also become concerned about the level of toxins in our homes.
Are We Poisoning Our Children?

I am also an author.

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Latest Releases:
Language of My Heart

A small book of modern-day psalms, now available through MountainView Publishing as a download, on disk or as a paperback booklet.


WINNER in the Inspirational Category of the 2001 EPPIES Award Contest for excellence in electronically published works.

Finalist in the Inspirational Category of the 2001 EPPIES Award Contest for excellence in electronically published works. Winners to be announced in March, 2001.

ANGEL,MINE was named the best INSPIRATIONAL NOVEL in the first EPPIE award contest. The winners were chosen on August 26, 2000 at the first annual EPIC CONFERENCE in Omaha, NB. The next EPIC CONFERENCE is scheduled for March, 2002 and will be held in Bellevue, Washington.

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Reviewer Evelyn Gale
Ivy Quill Reviews

Joy To The World? by Deborah Milton is a leisurely story about the everyday life of a mother of three boys who just happens to have a penchant for trouble. Who but Delaney Roberts would find a newborn in her car when she returns home after delivering charity Christmas packages?

The bane of Detective Johnson’s career, Delaney is intent on learning where the child came from. She does her own sleuthing in spite of and occasionally with the help of her husband, her police officer nephew, her neighbor and her own small boys. And then Delaney notices a teenage girl hanging around and follows her. That’s when she finds a several-days-dead woman in an apartment. Delaney takes the teenager, Angela, home with her also and petitions Social Services to allow her to keep Angela and the baby girl she names Joy, at least until Joy’s parents are found.

A fire bombing, being forced off the highway and two kidnappings pick up the pace of an otherwise tedious holiday season. Not only is she looking for Joy ’s parents, but now Delaney’s determined to find out why and by whom their lives are being threatened.

Joy To The World? is light reading with an unusual plot. 4 stars! Readers' Reviews
YOU CALL THIS LOVE? by Deborah Milton

5 Stars
Love it!This book takes you through a wide range of emotions with just enough comic relief thrown in. Deborah is a gifted writer who can hold your interest to the very end!

5 Stars
I was very impressed with Deborah's smooth writing style in this contemporary mystery. Her characters are believable and the story moves quickly!

3 Stars
If murder and childbirth go together this may be your book! Young Mothers will no doubt love this book and they will live the story along with Delaney.

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Under The Covers Book Reviews
ANGEL, MINE by Deborah Milton

Highly Recommended

An inspirational novel, ANGEL, MINE reads like poetry but is so realistic I actually emailed the author to find out if it is truly fiction. It is, but that doesn't stop it from almost breaking your heart as you read of a toddler's desperate battle with leukemia. The book is told from the mother's point of view and from that perspective she bares her soul, honestly tells of her relationship with her husband, her son, her baby girl, and her God.

And it should carry a warning: Do not read unless you have an ample supply of tissues.

Ms. Milton is an exceptional writer, one who is sure to go far in the world of letters. I look forward to reviewing her next book, but for now ANGEL, MINE has staked a claim on my heart.

Reviewed by Patricia White -6/23/98

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Meeting God

We've got to meet God partway...
a tenth...a one-hundreth?
Just something...some reaching out
of the hand or heart or even breath
Toward His love, His light, His power
Toward the source of all we are.

Then, oh then, does He reach back
with life, with love...with miracles.
When once He touches but a hair,
life becomes amazingly full
of more love, more light, more power
then ever we thought was there.


50% of all author's proceeds from each purchase of ANGEL,MINE will be donated to the Rhode Island chapter of the
National Marrow Donor Program.

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