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Welcome to BiWitchyBBW's Home Page - an online journal of my thoughts, feelings and experiences... This is where I can talk about being a bisexual BBW, domestic violence, other women's issues, body acceptance and share my deepest thoughts on a number of subjects. This place is an upbeat place where all women are welcome! While you're here, read my words, contribute to my guestbook, apply for an award or grab a free graphic! Check out my essays about being a BBW and what we and Big Handsome Men face, and what my life is like! Be sure to stop by my Women's Space - a place for information about for ALL women regardless of sexual orientation, race, size or spiritual path! This page was done for you as well as me! Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

This painting is called Venus Verticordia and was painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Isn't she gorgeous????

This Page Supports Equal Rights