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This web site is your most complete, reliable, and up-to-date fan-created information resource for current and upcoming releases in Kenner's new 3 3/4-inch Star Wars action figure toy line.

troops have entered the base since March 1, 2000.



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1/18/2000 - The upcoming POTF2 vehicles Tatooine Skiff and Y-Wing are rumored to be Target exclusives. These would become the only non-mail order POTF2 exclusives to be released aside from the first two Cinema Scenes.

1/18/2000 - Rumors have been going around that Hasbro has cancelled any plans for more Cinema Scenes or Accessory Packs, including rumored Endor and Stormtrooper packs for the classic trilogy.

1/18/2000 - Hey, everyone. I don't know if you're still out there but I've decided to come back and update the page. It's amazing how much has changed in Star Wars fandom during the past year. We no longer have the prequels as something to look forward to. For many fans, whether they were satisfied with Episode I or not, the excitement is diminished for that reason. Certainly, Hasbro's classic trilogy toy releases have been diminished. With items like the Skiff, Wuher, and Motti among other toys to look forward to, I'm certainly not ready to quit collecting. But if the line does ever come to an end, I want this archive to be complete when it happens.

I have updated the release timeline and toy list to reflect 1999's releases. I will try to get to the other sections soon, and keep things current. With the smaller amount of releases it should be something I can find the time for once again. Keep a special eye on the marketplace section. The amount of online merchants who began selling toys last year has made another tremendous impact on this hobby.

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Which of the following classic trilogy space vehicles are you most interested in buying as a Kenner POTF2 toy?
Y-Wing Fighter
Rebel Transport
Imperial Shuttle
B-Wing Fighter
TIE Interceptor
Star Wars Land/Air Vehicle Poll
Which of the following classic trilogy land/air vehicles are you most interested in buying as a Kenner POTF2 toy?
Jawa Sandcrawler
Hoth Troop Transport
Twin-Pod Cloud Car
Tatooine Skiff
Ewok Battle Wagon


Sign the PETITION at YakFace's Realm to help campaign Kenner to release a POTF2 Tatooine Skiff. Read Kenner's disappointing statement there about the intended future of POTF2 vehicles. Read my personal letter to Kenner regarding their plans. Please write your own, be it short and simple or long and detailed, to Kenner at regarding what you want to see out of the POTF2 vehicle line.


Take Kenner's official Collector Feedback Survey for demographic data, and to let them know your preferences on many product ideas including comic book, novel, and video game toys, fabric POTF2 outfit accessories, plush toys, distinctive, differentiated reproductions (as noted in their FAQ) of original POTF coins, and more. Tell Kenner if YOU would want to buy it!

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