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I was born January 3,1967 to Donald and Wanda Hooper. My father Donald is a full blood ~TSALAGI~(Cherokee) while my mother Wanda is of German decent. I only found out about my heritage on my father's death bed. He explained that when he met my mother in the 60's it was not a good time in history to be other than white. So in doing so he became a "white man" forgetting his ancestory lineage. So here I am struggling through piles of goverment redtape trying to get my roll number approved! So until that day comes I will learn all I can about the Cherokee and our history!

There are many things in my life I will share with you so walk through the water fall as I take you through the past 30 years of my life.
I am now learning the native tongue just click the big painting above and there you will go to a great page that inspired me!!

I am looking for other Cherokee's to get to know and learn from. I would love to start a website where other Native Americans can come to meet and mabey fall in love. If you are interested in placing an AD please email me your Information and I will start that page. You do not have to be a regestered Indian but it would be nice if you were. I see how the woeld is and want to try to preserve our heritage so that we are never forgotten.

The Great Buffalo, used for food and clothing as well as bedding.

The Honored Eagle, Who's feathers are used in the makings of headresses and other cerimonial tools.

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