Not an exciting web site is it? Well this Pow Wow club room was just established September 21, 1999. Althoiugh I am the owner of the room, it really is a joint venture of several chat buddies who wanted to branch out and try to form their own chat room. This is a PG-rated community where chat can be fun and family oriented. The language censor is activated but you will not get the automatic boot, however, whatever inappropriate things you typed will not appear on other person's chat screens.

If you stopped by and no one was here, please come back again. You will normally find people chatting here in the evenings. Feel free to use the room if no one is here. I hope you enjoyed your visit here, if so, please return and bring a friend. If not, please let me know at onesize@powwowmail.com.

Since this room is limited to 10 users, we have one simple rule, chat or go. Please do not sit in our room and someone else's room. We want this room to remain small and cozy. If you ever get a notice that the room is full, please try to enter again later. Or simply send me a donation to get a license for a larger room!

Special thanks to Link, the owner of Link's Place Pow Wow Community [powow@link4u.com]. It was that community that addicted me to Pow Wow and showed me that internet chatting can still be fun and clean. Even though I have my own club room, I know I won't be able to stay away from Link's Place. Running a full blown Pow Wow community is much more work than a little club room like this and I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of why this room was opened. I have used this analogy several times and I think it fits... you know those times when your house is so full of people that you just have to get outside on the porch so you can talk with someone? Well, this is the porch. 1