My 'net name is Spirit Howler. This name was given to me by a Cherokee shaman after hearing about a dream I had. If you are curious, then ask me about it sometime.

I live in the mountains of New York State, in America. Contrary to popular belief, New York City is not the entire state! In fact, despite being home to 8,000,000 people, it actually is a very small part of the state in land area. I live at the edge of the largest state park in the United States with vast tracks of wilderness. It is a wonderful place to live.

I currently work in the IT field and I'm studying for my CCNA certification. I hold degrees in mathematics, computer science and fine arts.

My hobbies include off-roading in my jeeps, hiking, gardening, cooking, and playing games on Its Your Turn.

This site is dedicated to my father, John (1926 - 2005). "Go rest high on that mountain, for your work here is done."
Not all who wander are lost
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