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Hello! My name is Michael. Welcome to my site. Contained within these pages is my vision for humanity. Its simple,but complex,due to human nature. This is one path, one that I believe will save us from ourselves. We have the answers, we just need to use them. I have always wanted to change the World in some way and leave knowing I had done some good while I was here. This is my contribution to the World. It may not be now or in my lifetime, but,I hope it will not be lost in time and space with no value to humankind for surely my life would then be truely wasted.


I want to tell you about what I believe. I think mankind is at a point that is very important to the rest of his existance. In the next 20 years decisions and actions will have to be made to insure the survival of our species and of the Earth itself. We must begin now to deal with the problems of our home planet. It will take a lot of work by all of mankind, together. We are on a path of self destruction and only a unified world will be able to steer away from it. It must be done! One of the major issues to tackle in the next few years is individual responsibility to manage our family size. This Earth cannot support us all. We must go to a negative trend. Next is the expansion of the United Nations to include all nations and utilizing this organization for the purpose of bringing the poor nations into the 21st century. Eventually, there should be a world governing body with representation from all cultures, elected by the people from that culture. Laws would be passed by popular vote using computers. The internet will develop into a tool for world unification. All peoples will have access to it. Borders will eventually fade, people will work together for the survival of their Earth, and, their species.

I believe in the unity of all mankind. I would like to see a world government,no borders,everyone working for the common good,no money system, instead a system of personal accountability that requires all world citizens to work toward improving their life and helping others.

I hope that someday enough people in the world will realize that our survival as a species depends on worldwide unity and cooperation regardless of beliefs or color, since we are all of the human race.

A concept by Michael Pushard

ONE is based on one purpose: To promote Peace on our planet. It has one goal: Do good to all. The basic idea is to have a global network called ONE. The network would be headed by volunteers in all parts of the world. The network would operate 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It would be a way to promote international goodwill through Peaceful projects all over the planet. Projects and goodwill would be coordinated through the network by the use of satellites, cell technology, and computers through internet. It could be under the heading of news media, but, the news would be reports on projects and coordination of others. It would not be an organization, but a unity of people, as one in goal and purpose. It would be a means of overcoming evil by doing good. Instead of fighting against evil, you have to overcome it, by doing good. The more success the network had, the weaker evil would become. It must be based on unconditional love for your fellow man. Anything else would not work. It cannot be political or religious in nature, just humanist. To get started it would take people with the resources to get equipment and facilities up and running. Reaching out to people who could finance such a venture would require connections and effort on a scale that would get their attention. As the network grows it would sustain itself on volunteerism, monetary and equipment donations.This is just the very basic idea, a lot of details would have to be worked out. By using the principles that this is based on, it could be done.

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