What's New With Me
School Life
Things are going well in school.  That whole 3 semester thing didn't quite work out.  Apparently there is a schedule you have to follow :)  I will be graduating in August of 2004.  Only 9 more months to go!!!!  I still plan on getting my Bachelor's degree online from USA, then going on for my Master's to get my Nurse Practitioner.  Other than that, school is school.
Daily Life
Things could NOT be going better.  I just bought my very first HOUSE!!!!  I am so excited.  I am finally a grown-up, with a mortgage and everything!  I have all kinds of plans for things I would like to do as far as decorating, but alas, very little time to accomplish them yet.  Ah, well.... such is life I guess.  In August the company opened a new store, and the pharmacy manager there asked me to transfer over as the Senior Technician.  So I have a new store, a new promotion, and a new paycheck LOL.  Things really are going great.  Now if only I could get the dog to finally stop being allergic to anything and everything.....  One can dream, right?????
What's New With Kelly
Well....  The little one is going to be 8 in a couple of months.  I can't believe it.  Time has sure flown.  She really likes her new school.  She is in the first grade now.  She is playing soccer.  She is fighting with her little sister.  All in all, a pretty normal little girl LOL.  They had a poster contest at school, and she drew a picture of an angel, and wrote on it "Gina is the angel that gave me life"  I almost cried when she told me about it, of course.  And I requested an identical poster to put on my refrigerator.
We got together over Memorial Day weekend this year since I was in Kansas for a friend's wedding.  She really is getting to be such a young lady.  I am really looking forward to seeing her in January.  If all works out, she may be coming for my graduation in August.  What a time that will be!!!!!

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