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This is my homepage for some great info and links to everything related to showbiz!

Hollywood Links:
My favorite actor: Will Estes

Visit his Official Web Site -- The Will Estes Fan Page


Some great general sites dealing with show biz:

Mr. Showbiz - The latest Hollywood news and gossip. You get to vote in a daily poll about a current showbiz item in the news.

E! Online - E Network's site has tons of Hollywood info.

Hollywood Online - Unbelievable source of info and multimedia on Hollywood. The NEWS section is updated three times a day!!! An incredible resource.


Disney - Disney's official studio site. If you're a Disney fan, you'll want to check this out.

MGM Studios - MGM's official studio site. Learn about their latest movies and find out some info about their classics.

Paramount - Paramount's official studio site. Learn about their current and upcoming movies and films. They even have a daily trivia game you can enter to win a prize!

Universal Studios - Universal's site that includes info on their current films and more.

Warner Bros. - Warnor Bros. official studio site. This is probably one of the best studio sites. Besides the usual info on their movies, television shows, and music, they have very interactive features such as "Chat" and "Message Boards." A must visit!

Television Networks:

ABC - Find out everything you need to know about your favorite shows on ABC.

CBS - CBS's official site.

NBC - All the info you need on your favorite NBC shows.

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Note: This site is continually under construction. In the future, there will be more categories (including specific TV Shows, info on Cable Networks, and a whole lot more). Please be patient as I'm trying to only include top quality info and sites.