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Hello all and welcome.My name is Laura but I have been called Lolly since I was born which was 34 years ago on Dec 9.I live in Oregon which is a beautiful state.I moved here almost 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California.Yes it was a big culture shock.The town we moved to has a population of only 1200 so what a difference.I like it though.I am the mother of 3. I have a son 15, a son-14 and a daughter-9.I run a daycare business out of my home so I am very busy.At this time I have about 10 kids in care. In my spare time (when I get any) I like to ride my horses,river raft,hike and my favorite thing to do is go out dancing.You can also find me at WBS in North American chat.That is where I go to get back a little sanity.I enjoy talking with all my friends.You will find me there as LOLLY THE FIRST.Some of my very dear friends are TonyLoco,HeadOfJohn,RayL,brumhilda,Gandalf_the_Gray,22cool,Jon Bakan,9 VOLT BATTERY,Renshei,Makey,_cal_,and BIGARMS,OCorp,TIA1955.Also some of my family is on the net,My mom is April Nights and then 2 sisters one CC Dean and then my other is Duders.If you ever bump into them they are great people.If you ever get a chance to meet any of these people I promise you will find them very enjoyable to talk to.You will find some of there homepages listed down below with my links. I WANT TO GIVE A SPECIAL THANKS JOHN (HeadOfJohn) WHO HELPED ME WITH MY PAGE.IF ANYONE EVER NEEDS HELP YOU KNOW WHO TO LOOK FOR NOW..THANKS . Well I guess you all know a little bit about me now. Please check out the rest of my page.There are a few links and a pic of me under my name oh yes and please sign my guestbook you may leave any comments or help you could give me on how to make my page better.Thank you for your time

Home Pages of my friends from WBS.

Jon Bakan

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