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welcome to project proteus! proteus was a sea god from greek mythology who could change his shape at will. flexibility is the theme we will follow as we attempt to produce our computer game. visitors can discover details about the project, and preview screenshots, music and plot in the future. the page offers an index of files for team members, which includes all written code, artwork, and music.

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the links under the navigate bar will take you to the different pages of this site. home will take you to this page. a rough outline of the project's many aspects can be found at outline. storyline contains current brainstorms and ideas for the game's plot, and later on you can expect to see background information leading up to our story, with some hints here and there. screenshots and other media aspects of the game can be found at preview. jobs required for the game's production are listed and described. don't forget to sign in, or view our guestbook while you're here!

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the current project status is described, and team members should check the page in lieu of their e-mail to keep up to date on developments or meetings. various resources of possible interest are also listed. a listing of team members, in addition to a mail listing, is available. lastly, a complete and up-to-date file index can be accessed.

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for more information contact skoryky via AIM