U.S. Carnival Rides

I've had this site since Feb. 1997. It's sad to see it go, but I just got some major problems with the site and I cant find the time to fix anything. Since I'm still in high school, I really cant update it because I'm really busy durning the school year.

When I opened up U.S. Carnival Rides in Feb. 1997, it was a one paged site with a few pictures of the Kamikaze and Falling Star. It was pretty bad. I thought it was cool that people actully came to my bad site. So it was fun and I kept updating it, and now this is what it is. Over 20 pages that come off my main page with many diffent rides and many, many pictures of all the big rides that traval the USA. Well, now it's time to close so good bye all! And heres one more picture of my favorite carnival ride the Kamikaze that I took at the Fairfax Fair in 1997.

(Photo by: me)

And the Kamikaze at the Fairfax Fair in 1998

(Photo by: me)


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