Welcome to my home on the web,
(my pad, my place, my abode, my domain, my cyber domicile,
and further more an extension of this hole in the wall that the
Commonwealth of Virginia likes to call a dorm room.)
Meet the incomparable
Jesse Jones
You can read the writing on the wall...Kodachrome 

For those of you who might not know, or have their heads burried in the sand, I was a student at
I was also a member of the award winning
Just a short bio
All right, I am a student, a trombone player, and lots of other things. I fence saber here at Tech in the VTFC. It is a lot of fun. I drive the greatest car in the world, a 1972 Dodge Monaco. I will probably have a picture of her on this page soon, all I have to do is get access to one of those great digital cameras. I am a chem major, and hope to get into the chemical engineering program. I am going to post some cool stuff here, including links to some of my friends home pages. I am also a devout classic rock fan. Some of my favorites are Simon and Garfunkle, The Beatles, The Eagles, and so on. So I will update and make this page much cooler as time goes on. I will sometimes write comentaries about how some things are stupid beyond belief and what I generally think of the world. Including here a short reason on why I am creating longer and longer links for the pages I am writing, and why you shouldn't question my supreme judgement.
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