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Get-together in Hyderabad on Aug 21st(Update 13/08/1999)

    Date    : 21 August 1999 7.00 PM onwards

Place : Secunderabad Club, Secunderabad
All XL Junta invited with family
Contact Hari Narayana of Fortuna Consultants at fortuna@hd1.vsnl.net.in for further details.

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Ballu's Marriage (Update 22/06/1999)

1. Venue : Mukherji Nagar, New Delhi
    Date    : 20 June 1999 7.00 PM onwards
   Who     : Bajpai, Dinu, ET(with wife), Jackie, Potluri, Punit, Saigal (with Wife)
   Bride   : Tanu
Vasu, you missed it. Jackie managed the marketing coup of the year - a 1.5 litre Coke bottle (Guess what's in it, when "Chief" is around) was the most prominent thing that moved around. Thanks to the energising 'Coke' Saigal, Punit, Jackie and Bajpai were the best dancers at the Baraat. A rare sight -- Dinu also danced for a while.

Ballu is moving to US very soon... You can wish him at balrajsuneja@hotmail.com
Congratulations and All the Best, Ballu !

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Get-together in Bangalore (Update 22/06/1999)

Not one but Two get-togethers happened -- One(1996-7 batch) at Panda's place and another at Dominion (Official Alumni get-together).

1. Venue : Panda's home
    Date    : 05 June 1999 7.30 PM onwards
   Who     : Panda (the Hostess), ATS, Hari, Potluri, Persis and Tapan.

Imagine Panda playing the perfect hostess role !! Well, that's what (Thanx to her Mom) we experienced at her home. Major attraction --- FOOD! Delicious Fish(two varieties) , Chicken ---Wow, you should see Tapan (he was enquiring the next day whether he can pickup the leftovers) .. Thanks to Panda's Mom. 

2. Venue : Dominion , Bangalore
Date   : 06th June 1999  10.30 PM onwards
Update of Gettogether: Around 60 XLers turned up. Poor gathering compared to the strength of XL-gang in this Hi-tech city. A good turnout from 1996 (ATS, Kuru, Panda(with her sister Soma), Potluri(and wife Vijitha), Shetty, Sneh and Vivek) apart from 1999 and 2000 batch junta saved the day. Infoscions seemed to be working too hard (none of them could come!).  Persis ('may come' she said the day before), Tapan, Jaideep and Jora ganged up with 96 batch junta. From senior batches (before 90) only David and Selvam came. One can see Amitab Bhagat actively auctioning (both as auctioneer and buyer !) the liquor at the end of the day. Prizes were given to the winners of games.

Kudos to Millennium batch !
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Get-together in Delhi (Update 22/06/1999)

Venue : Taj Palace, Durbar Hall
Date   : 29th May 1999  7.30 PM onwards
Contact : Kanchan Ghosal (kanchan_ghoshal@hotmail.com ) OR
                Alex Joseph (aljoe@hotmail.com) of Y2K batch.
Update of Gettogether: Wow! Despite a crucial cricket match between England and India, over ONE HUNDRED XLers turned up.  Guess, Prof. Madhukar Shukla (with Manasi) was the main driving force. Prof. Mike Vanjour also joined the gathering. From 1996 gang, usual junta (Angira, Dinu, Jackie, ET, Potluri, Vasu..) plus Deepak Endley were present. For cricket lovers 2 TVs were arranged and one can see Vasu and Jackie at the TV discussing each and every ball (Cricket Ball). Sameer Khanna with his would-be Nupur, Rajib with his wife and Tipu (alone) entertained the gathering.

Kudos to Millennium Batch!
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Avinash's Marriage (Update 16/05/1999)

Nash (Avinash -- BMD96) is getting married to Panna Gill in Chandigarh on 26th May 1999.
You can contact him in Chandigarh at 0172-690823.
For those who don't know his whereabouts -- Nash has been transferred to Bombay recently. His e-mail id. avp@wipro.co.in
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Prof.Madhukar's message -- Alumni Get-togethers in May(Update 16/05/1999)
Hello Folks!

Hope you liked the "Exceller" (if you have not received it, it means that we
don't have your address - please send your contact address). Send
also your suggestion as to how we can improve it.

Some News and Coming Events:

* XLRI Alumni Network was launched in Bangalore by pre-80 XLers on April 9th, 1999.
* UAE-Dubai Chapter of XLRI Alumni Association got formed/ revived on April 10th, 1999.
* Chennai organised an XL Alumni get-together on May 1st  1999 (details awaited)
* Bangalore Chapter organised a Welcome Bash for the 99 batch XLers on May 3rd, 1999.
* Delhi Chapter has organised a live-in Alumni meet on May 14th-15th at Agra.
* The Y2K batch is planning to organise an Alumni Meet in Mumbai on may 22nd, 1999. 
  For details please contact Vineeth (vineeth_xlri@hotmail.com)   or 
  Subha C (subha@doglover.com - or - n.chandru@vsnl.com; phone: 202 7893).
* Another Alumni Meet for Delhi Junta being planned by Kanchan Ghosal
  (kanchan_ghoshal@hotmail.com ) and Alex Joseph (aljoe@hotmail.com) of Y2K
  batch on the 30th May.
* Pune alumni plan to meet on the May 30th, 1999 (details from Prakash
  Sukhatme at pas2@koel.co.in
* I am not sure, but Calcutta may also have an Alumni Get-together on either 30th or 31st 
  May, 1999. Pl confirm from Moumita Banerjee (moumita_b@hotmail.com) of the Y2K batch.

 cheers and happy connecting

 Madhukar Shukla
Dr Madhukar Shukla
Professor (OB & Strategic Management) & Alumni Coordinator
C H Area (East)
Jamshedpur     831 001
email: alumni@xlir.ac.in; madhukar@xlri.ac.in
Ph:  91 - 657 - 23 9901/ 1173/ 1364, 22 5233
Fax: 91 -657 - 22 7814
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Alumni Get-together in Bangalore(Update 04/05/1999)

Alumni Get-together happened again in Bangalore (This is the second one this year---the earlier one was Golden Jubilee Celebrations meet on 9 January 1999 and I was told was a great success). This time it's in catholic Club. Fr.P.D.Thomas is the Chief-guest. Fr.Thomas enthusiastically explained the future plans for XLRI and the developments in XL campus. David D'Costa, President of Bangalore Chapter, explained the chapter's plans for an XL-Fund. Around 50 XLers turned-up for the event.
From 1996 batch, Jabez, Potler and Panda attended. Kudos to 1999 batch for rejuvenating the Alumni meets across the country. Go top 

Update on G-Sax Memorial Scholarship(Update 24/02/1999)

The Dr.Geeta Saxena Memorial Scholarship for the Best All Rounder has been announced this year and will be operative from next academic year (for the batch of 1998-2000). The scholarship would be open to both men and women students of XLRI. The alumni have colleted close to 2 lac, and correspondingly the scholarship amount is 20k. According to Ria more money is coming in - in which case the scholarship amount would be increased.
Potler, on behalf of XL Alumni, thank all those who have contributed towards this noble cause and appeal to others to contribute liberally.
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Grover's Marriage(Update 24/02/1999)

1999 - This year might see one or the other XLer honeymooning at any point of time. Kohli has not yet returned from his honeymoon, Bhardwaj left for honeymoon. And Grover is ready to go.

Chief, ET, Jackie, Vasu, 'King' Sinha and Angiraa & Potler --- all there at the Baraat. One could see various moods of ET - his nervousness when approached by sisters or mothers of friends, his fascination of horses, his eagerness to learn about rising stocks...
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Proud Parents(Update 04/05/1999)

* Murthy Chaganti(1995) blessed with a son on 7 January 1999.
* Kamlendu Nath(1996) and Kavitha blessed with a daughter-Nivedita on 4 January 1999
* Deepak Endley(1996) and Deepali blessed with a baby boy on 16th April 1999.
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Marriage Season(Update 16/05/1999)

* 'God' Sriram(1996) with ??? on 01 July 1999 in Tirupati.
* Balraj Suneja(1996) with Tanu on 20th June 1999 in New Delhi.
* Avinash (1996) with Panna Gill on 26th May 1999 in Chandigarh.
* Heard Pat, Usha and Aruna (All three from 1995 batch) are getting married in Jan-Feb 1999. 
* Ravisankar P(1995)   with Sujatha on 04 March 1999
* Sugasani Srinivas Prasad(1997)   with Neelima on 18 February 1999
* Rajiev Grover(1996)   with Shagun on 18 February 1999
* Virendra Bhardwaj(1996)  in  February 1999
* Vimal Kohli(1996) with Bhawana Sudhera on 18 January 1999
* Kuruvilla Kurien (1996) with Tara on 2 January 1999

Dear Newly Married Couples,
On behalf of XL Janta POTLER wishes all of you a Happy Married Life.
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About Potler

Hi! I am Potluri Rama Krishna (BMD 96). I am basically from Gudivada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Did Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Graduation in Mechanical Engineering in Hyderabad followed by MBA in Finance&Marketing from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Currently I am with IBM Global Services, Bangalore as SAP-MM Consultant. Am in Delhi now on a project and will be here for next 2 months. If you want to know more about me, please visit my home page.
Residential Address 

401, Sri Durga Enclave  
J.P.Nagar, Yellareddy Guda  
Hyderabad - 500 073  
Ph: +91 +40 3733791  
Ph: +91 +11 6129191  
Email: potler@bigfoot.com

Office Address 

5th Floor, Golden Towers,  
Airport Road  
Bangalore - 17  
Ph: +91 +80 5267117 Ext.3927  
Email: rpotluri@in.ibm.com

Tell your views on this page at potler@rediffmail.com
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