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Welcome to SANDRA's homepage! The one all about me and my stuff. I attend school at the Hong Kong Technical College. It's my second year in the course of HD in Environmental Health. I plan to be a Public Health Inspector after graduate ^_^.
What do i study? Well i am studing Higher Dipolmer of Environmental Health in HK TC (Chai Wan).
Click it and you will know what i m studying :).
The vacation is over. How r u guys now?
Still in the dream of going out? Wakeup! Time to go back to the books and enjoy school life again. ^_^
In July 97, I have been to Tong Kun and the captial city of CHINA--Beijing and with my lovely classmate Carol.(^_^ Carol, i like your smile!). Surely we meet lots of friends in this 2 places. There is a homepage of our bj trip, however owning to my lazzzzzzzyness, it is not well prepared and all are wirtten in Chinese , so you better not check it out . heeee,,,. Besides my study i am also a computer fans. After you go through the pages plesase remember to sign my guest book. If you want to see a pic of me, click here.

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    Since my first homepage has been published, it is now come to the third edition. Wow and i have joined the internet world for a year already. Thanks of all that give me the variable advice and comments. I do hope you can keep frequently click back again and keep contact with me.

    Thank you for your visit and tell your friends about it. See you!

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