Men Trapped in Israel Against Their Will

For all of you who have found this site, welcome! The site undergoes periodic changes, but keep a record of its location and return now and then to see its development. There are plenty of men around the world who are fugitives from laws that made them into criminals because they wanted to be treated like human beings instead of slaves. If you are one of these men, this is the place for you. Be patient and you'll see more regarding what is happening today and what you can do to make a difference.

The site will be predominantly in English, but some Hebrew-language pages will be included. If you want to view the Hebrew text, even if your system does not have Hebrew support, you can download Hebrew fonts at You then define the fonts in your browser to view the Hebrew characters. Installing these fonts does not prevent you from viewing Latin characters.

Another site that closed in 1997 was:

It was sponsored by Ra'ash, the Israel Party for Men's Rights in the Family. Unfortunately, the financial burden of maintaining the site forced its closure.

What makes it different is that unlike many other mens' rights' groups that just talk, Ra'ash is a full-fledged political party as well as a support network for men who have fallen victim to Israel's gender-specific laws.

For those of you who want to make contact, use the online form to post me.

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Write us your own story and be included in the fight to repeal Israel's misandrist laws!

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