Welcome to Thai International Virtual Airlines

   Welcome to Thai International Airlines. Thai International Airlines was conceived in 1997 by Ekkorn Suwannetr operational major hub in Bangkok. Thai International Airlines now services cities around the world and has extended its operations onto the Internet.

   Thai International Airlines's goal is to bring like minded flight simulator pilots together and give them new and different goals to achieve using their flight simulator program like Microsoft flight simulator v5.1 or above. Pilots will be able to achieve higher pilot ranks and more hours by flying routes assigned by their Captains. Hopefully, throughout the course of their career, pilots will face new challenges and achieve a new level of enjoyment from their flight simulator. The Flight Simulation forum has hundreds of like minded pilots, from occasional simulator pilots to professional pilots, who share the same interest and love of aviation. It is our goal to introduce the new simulated airline pilot to this forum of enthusiasts and improve their enjoyment of flight simulation and aviation in general.

General Information on Thai International Airlines

   Thai International Airlines started in Bangkok using one gate that it shared with Thai Airways. The fleet consisted of B747-400,A330,MD11 and serviced all cities. Thai International Airlines's operation philosophy was simple: offer the business traveler a no frills, on time, and courteous means to get to and from their destination. By using the Aircrafts.

Joining Thai International Airlines

    To join Thai International Airlines, pilots need not have any practical experience in aviation or the airline industry. Pilots need only have an interest in aviation or flight simulation, have the ability to devote enough time to complete their assignments, and have a flight simulator that allows them to fly at least a few of our routes. Application is as easy as using a application form

     Thai International Airlines is intended for the entertainment and education of its members. Membership in Thai International Airlines involves no monetary exchange and joining for free.











B777 ready for taking off Bkk 21R at dusk         B777 ready for taking off Bkk 21R at night


B747 ready for taking off Bkk 21R at day          B777 ready for taking off Bkk 21R at day

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